New Zealand sheep wool blanket FOREST

New Zealand sheep wool blanket, Scandinavian style. Fluffy, soft, light, very warm and cozy.
It is less soft wool, but a perfect product created by nature itself.
The checkered jacquard in sand and brown tones looks really cozy and lovely. The perfect choice to dress in the evenings by the fireplace or on the couch, to use on a picnic.
Packed in a clear bag.
It is a great gift for loved ones.

SIZE: 130x185 cm (with tassels)

New Zealand wool is obtained from sheep raised in that country. It is a longer hair wool with a strong and unique structure.
This wool is very light, warm, and at the same time breathable, so it provides excellent protection against temperature changes, is anti-allergic.
Wool is available in natural gray, white or brown.

In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product, the properties of wool, dry cleaning is recommended. If this is not possible, wash the wool product by hand in cool (maximum 30 C) water with wool detergents or household soap. Do not rub vigorously, do not rotate, do not tumble dry.
Don't forget! Wool is a unique fabric, reacting with oxygen, it has a special property to "clean" itself, so we offer more frequent ventilation in fresh air.