Baby gift box for Lithuanian

This set consists of:

*** Merino wool rug, applied with Lithuanian contour and tricolor application. Size 75x105 cm, suitable for wheelchair, cradle, car seat.
*** Cashmere wool scarf suitable from birth to 5 years. Decorated with a delicate tricolor appliqué. Cotton knit lining on the inside.
*** Newborn socks from sheep wool
*** Green small towel for saliva or used for baby as an sleeping toy. Due to its small size and soft fabric, it is very popular with babies.
Packed in a white cardboard gift box and tied with ribbon!

To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product, the properties of wool, dry cleaning is recommended. If this is not possible, wash the wool product by hand in cool (maximum 30 C) water with wool detergents or household soap. Do not rub vigorously, do not rotate, do not tumble dry.
Don't forget! Wool is a unique fabric, reacting with oxygen, it has a special property to "clean" itself, so we offer more frequent ventilation in fresh air.