Merino wool baby blanket "Smile"

Extra fine merino wool is a very soft and gentle children's blanket, applied with a handmade bear. Plaid light, fluffy, cozy warm. Suitable for use all year round, because this wool is breathable, so it does not allow the baby to overheat or freeze. The plaid is woven from gray wool yarn.
We can pack the blanket in a white cardboard gift box, only to be served. It is a warm and lovely gift for your or your loved one's baby.

SIZE: 80x100 cm

Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep raised in Australia. It is wool with soft, soft hairs and a strong structure, making it elastic and durable light and warm.
This wool is breathable, so it provides excellent protection against temperature changes, and is also anti-allergic.


To maintain the aesthetic appearance of the product, the properties of wool, dry cleaning is recommended. If this is not possible, wash the wool product by hand in cool (maximum 30 C) water with wool detergents or household soap. Do not rub vigorously, do not rotate, do not tumble dry.

Don't forget! Wool is a unique fabric, reacting with oxygen, it has a special property to "clean" itself, so we offer more frequent ventilation in fresh air.