Woolen bedspread

This is a superior quality 100 % pure and very fine merino wool blanket. This type wool garments create maximum warmth and comfort. This woolen blanket will provide necessary warmth, absorb humidity and keep a thermoregulation the best way. Thus this blanket will guarantee your healthy and peaceful sleep. 

Woolen bedspread has a king size and will fit even biggest beds. Its elegant design and double sided brown/ beige colors looks rich and classy. Blanket is created with attention to every detail and every stitch. Rims of blanket are hand-sewn. Taking the blanket in your hands you will feel the love and care pouring from it, it will keep you safe and warm when you need it the most, and will please your eyes when spread on a bed.

This woolen blanket is so practical and universal - it can be used anywhere, anytime, when you need some warmth or comfort of a nature. You will never get bored of it - classical look and feel of this throw will never get old. It is a long lasting item, your family and loving ones will love having it around!
It is can also be a unique and luxurious gift for someone you really love and care. 

KING SIZE: 220x240 cm

MATERIAL: 100% Pure Merino wool

Dry clean only. We suggest to ventilate this woolen blanket as often as possible, because fresh air has a cleaning effect for a wool.

Please note that colors may appear slightly different due to your monitor color settings.